Saturday, August 11, 2012

Therapy Day

Today was the marriage therapy day.   Didn't know what to expect.  I decided that I was going to remain calm, not talk much and let him do most of the talking.  That no matter what negative things he had to say I would remain calm and understanding.

It actually went pretty good.  The first think I notice when I got into the office was the councelor was a  chaplain.. bonus... a man of God... nice.  He had a great aura about him.  For our first session, we just talk about the basics of why we ended up in marriage couceling.  (that word does not look right, oh well.. like i said before.. my spelling will suck.. my grammer right along with it).   We got into more then we should but it was productive.  I thought we were going to come out of there and my husband hating me more for unleashing all his 'dislikes' about me, but he didn't.  Seem like it did him good.. well he was happy that I did remain calm.  He told Mr. C (lets call the coucelor that, for i'm not using any real names on this thing.. even my own).. he told Mr. C that he had expected me to get upset and walk out the room slamming the door on my way out.. which I didn't.  I did have a teary moment due to all the talking.. and you know what... It sort of felt good to talk about it to someone else.  I don't really talk about this to anyone,, not even friends.. hence why I started this blog.. to unleash my thoughts on this whole.... CRAP of a situation.

Anyways.. we had 3 homework to work on..
1. We had to take 20mins out of our day to just talk...focus just on each other and just... talk
2.  We had to pick a couple.. any couple and try to act out thier relationship.  Since I don't really watch much TV , i had no clue to pick.  I said either Brangelina or Al and Peg Bundy.. as a joke.  I think we might fail this one cuz we both have no clue who to "role model" after as far as a relationship.
3.  Mr. C gave us a piece of paper.. "I've found they did this nice thing for me" sheet.  We put our name on the top.. the sides had each day of the week.  If I notice hubby doing something nice for me, i am to go write it down on his side of the sheet and vice versa.  Honestly at this point I don't think there will be much to write... since lately I've been doing all the nice stuff.

We decided afterwards to go eat lunch and was the new Batman movie.  Lunch was good, but the movie wasn't all i thought it would be.. actually feel asleep on some aparts.  We got home around 6pm and relaxed.  He went to play his online game and me playing on my FB acct (games only,, no social networking for me) 

All and all it was a good day again.. Thats the 2nd day.. I hope it keeps going.  I told him I really APPRECIATE him trying.  but ever so often i'll see him zone out into deep thought and I know exactly what he is thinking (sad face for me).

"When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal." - Napoleon Hill

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