Sunday, August 5, 2012

Augest 4th, 2012

Couldn't sleep last night.  Finally passed out about 5am this morning.  Didn't get up until 12pm, went to work and stayed there until 7pm.

Just looking back as the past few post,, damn this is depressing and I think I need to go back and take some English class.  My thoughts are all jumbled up.  Not sure if its the sadness or thats just dumb ass me.

One good thing did happen today.  Around 4:50pm today, we had  a ladies ran into the store mumbling "purple, purple,, need purple". Come to find out, they are freaking out cuz her friends wedding starts in 10mins and someone forgot the bridle bouquet.  Mom was able to make something real quick and very pretty.  She was happy.  That was a pretty good feeling to know we saved someone's wedding day.  Yes,,, get married and be prepare for a life of misery later on.  Its all peaches and cream now but just you wait.

I wonder if I had the opportunity to do this all over again, would I have gotten married.. my answer.. HELL NO.  I think the single life would be so much better.  Not having to answer anyone, if things go wrong, you can just go.  No hassle of divorce or property,, who gets what.  Maybe my answer would have been different if I had kids.  They say kids make all the difference. 

He is alittle better but still getting some cold answers and cold shoulder stuff.  I'll get use to it,, i have too to make this better.

Tomorrow I have plans to hang out with a friend for most of the day.  Just simple to get out of the  house and talk to someone.  I think that would be good for me.

I am hopeing to change this sad and pathetic blog into something comical and fun.  I love to have fun!  I should make up an imaginary perfect guy....just play off that.   I should call him Romeo, well cuz that is just cheesy and it works for me.  Romeo did die at the end so if he piss me off I can just have him killed off and start over.

I can't wait till school starts.  August 27th is the first day of class.. so excited!  Romeo will be with me cuz he just happens to have every single class I have!

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