Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to School

After 20yrs, I'm going back to school.  At first I was so excited about this and couldn't wait to begin.  It took me a bit but I finished up all my applications to be accepted to the Medical Lab Tech program at the local college.  I got accepted!  The 10 spots were filled up for this year so I'll be starting the MLT programs in Spring semester 2013.  Right now I'm just taking Anatomy/ Physiology 1 , Chemistry 1 and a computer self-pace course.  Since I started this program back after high school, I basically knocked off half a semesters from the degree plan.  SOOO, i should finish up in 1.5 years, Which is not bad.  And Since I won't actually start the program until next semester I'm just getting those other two science classes out of the way.

I brought the books a week ago and started to read up on chapter 1 for both science books... I'M SOOOO FREAKING OUT.  I think the hard part is just having that 20yr gap of educations verses some high school student that just got out and everything is semi fresh in their minds. But my advantage is, I'm older and knowing a 'typical' teen,, they are little more focus on hanging out and party, where as I will be home studying my brains out.  But still....SOOO much info to learn.

I think Chemistry will be my toughest class.  when I took it a while back, i had this really smart lab partner that basically did all the work and i ended up getting a B grade, leaving there with NFC of what i learned.

My mom paid for my school and books,  I think when I finally graduate and get a job I'll give her most of my 1st pay check.  I mean it would be the traditional 'asian' thing to do.  I'm still debating.  I'll see when the time comes.  LOVE YA MOM!

Anyways, the thing with hubby.  Still going good.  he is getting better but still have his moments when he wakes up and just in a bad mood.  That's when i keep my distance from him.  He will be leaving soon for California on Sept 1st.  I think this break apart might be good for us.. mostly me.  I need time to think, to focus on school... to breathe.....

Right now i am going to head to bed.  All this study as worn me out and first day of school is this Monday.  Still excited and a little freaked out as well.  Soo,, no positive quote for now.. just sleep.

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